Memories, Motherhood, & Marinara

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Our tale of a lonely bunny named Bella and her new world unfolds when she is visited by a very special friend from another dimension. A surprise comes to her unexpectedly and brings her new and exciting visitors to play with and brings her sadness to an end.... Read More


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Ms. Rivello is a graduate of Cal Lutheran University, with a triple major in Drama, Art and Women's Experience. She taught Italian to her class ,studying the Art and Sculpture of the Renaissance.... Read More

Women Leaders Event

Carmel Rivello has the "Chronological Credibility" to give hope to younger women facing challenges, especially in the middle eastern countries, and those facing single motherhood as a speaker and author of the children's book --THE BUNNY AND THE MYSTERIOUS BUTTERFLY.

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“This children's book is not just for children but grown ups as well. I loved that it was about recognizing our feelings and what we are feeling. Sometimes we hide our feelings. The book is a heart warming story about learning to trust what we feel. Sometimes there are unknown forces that have an effect on what we feel.”

Gayle Pace, Missouri
"The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly" - Reader

“It is so wonderful when I read a children's book and I, as the adult, get as much out of it as a child. Carmel Rivello's book is a soul affirming story. This book inspires me to have trust in the universe, and stay connected to the sweetness of the heart. I am deeply grateful for such a warm and progressive book.

Laura Rubinstein, California
"The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly" - Reader

“A wonderful children's story with great illustrations. Totally recommend it. It's perfect for daytime or bed-time reading.”

VZ, Massachusetts
"The Bunny and the Mysterious Butterfly" - Reader

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